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Price list:

Kr. 1300,- a person, pr./night.
Kr. 1100,- seniors, pr./night.
Free for children under 16 years of age
Electricity kr. 700,- pr./24h.

Address :

Systragil Campingsite
Hróarsstöðum - 601 Akureyri
Tel: 00 354 8602213




Places of interest

Systragil (The Sisters' canyon) is in the valley of Fnjóskadalur in the county of Suður-Þingeyrjarsýsla. When driving east from Akureyri, through Víkurskarð, one finds himself in Fnjóskadalur. The river Fnjóská flows down from the interior of Iceland through Bleiksmýrardalur and Fnjóskadalur towards the ocean, for some 117 kilometres. The valley of Fnjóskadalur is lush, with birch woods such as Vaglaskógur, Þórðarstaðaskógur and Melaskógur or Skuggabjargaskógur
Deserted settlements are to be found at both ends of the valley of Fnjóskadalur, Bleiksmýrardalur, Hjaltadalur and Timburvalladalur in the south but Flateyjardalsheiði together with Flateyjardalur and the island Flatey in the north. These abandoned settlements are steadily gaining popularity among travellers.

Flateyjardalur is a deserted valley that stretches from the north end of Fnjóskadalur towards the sea. Its total length is 32 kilometres. The last farm to be abandoned was was Brettingsstaðir, in the year 1954. Travellers can take a four-wheel track at the farm Þverá in Dalsmynni to reach the valley. It is only open in summer.

Description: A description...Around the middle of the valley of Fnjóskadalur one finds Vaglaskógur, the second largest natural birch-wood in Iceland. Driving from road 1 on the west side of the valley one drives for about 5 kilometres to Systragil, where the traveller   turns left and crosses the river into Vaglaskógur. A centre of forestry is situated in Vaglaskógur and it is the home of the Warden of Forestry in the north of Iceland. Various kinds of edible mushrooms can be found in Vaglaskógur, together with and abundance of edible berries.

The old self-supporting bridge that you find at the north end of Vaglaskógur is the first of its kind in Icleland. It was designed and built in 1908.

Picking berries and mushrooms.
In the autumn there is an abundance of edible mushrooms and berries to be found in the slopes of the mountain above the campingsite at Systragil.  Our guests can pick those, free of charge and also walk into Vaglaskógur to pick the same.

Description: A description...Goðafoss (the waterfall of the ancient Nordic Gods) in the river Skjálfandafljót, is one of the most picturesque  waterfalls in Iceland. The Sagas claim that the chieftain Þorgeir threw the the carved statues of the old heathen Gods into the waterfall right after Christianity had been adopted in the year 1000, thus renouncing the old faith. The waterfall is close by road 1, at Fosshóll petrolstation and convenience store.