Welcome to Systragil Camping Site

Nestled in the woods by the flowing stream

The camping site is located at Hróarsstaðir farm in the valley of Fnjóskadalur in the county of Suður-Þingeyjarsýsla, North Iceland. The camping site in on the west side of the valley, facing the largest natural birch wood in Iceland, Vaglaskógur.

How to get here
From the town Akureyri
  • Drive from Akureyri on road 1 towards Húsavík/Mývatn and go through the tunnel on the right hand side, about 14 km in total.

  • After exiting the tunnel turn right to road no 833, Illugastaðavegur

  • Drive road no. 833 for about 2 km. There, you will see a bridge cross the river on your left hand side. Before reaching the bridge make a right turn where you will see
    the campsite, Systragil.

  • Drive past lake Ljósavatn

  • Immediately, after crossing the river Fnjóská, take road 833 on the left

  • Drive road 833 for about 2 km where you will see a bridge cross the river on your left hand side. Before reaching the bridge make a right turn where you will see the campsite


N 65° 7068 and 17° 8995


Within walking distance from the camping site and in the nearest neighbourhood

  • Illugastaðir: A small necessity store that is open in the summer at Illugastaðir, a little further south in Fnjóskadalur in about 10 km distance.
  • Handverkskonur milli heiða a beautiful store with handcrafted items made by locals. The store is located at Fosshóll, next to Goðafoss waterfall, in about 20 km distance from Systragil.
  • Illugastaðir Swimming Pool: An outdoor geothermal swimming pool and hot tubs at Illugastaðir, located in Fnjóskadalur valley just 10 km distance from the camping site. Illugastaðir furthermore run a minigolf course that is open at the same time as the pool.
  • Stórutjarnir Swimming Pool: In about 13 km distance is Stórutjarnir geothermal swimming pool and hot tubs.
  • Vaglaskógur: From the Campsite Systragil you cross the bridge to Vaglaskógur forest, there are many hiking trails around the forest.
  • Hálshnjúkur: 627 m high. The mountain above Vaglaskógur, a magnificent view. Easy walk, about 2 hours back and forth.

  • Þingmannaleið – Eyrarland: Marked hiking trail, walk up from Systragil over the heath and down to the farm Eyrarland. 10 km, 4 hours long.

Natural wonders and interesting destinations

Within an hour drive from the Camping Site

The nearest golf course is Lundsvöllur (nine holes, par 34, 3 km). The nearest geothermal swimming pools are at Illugastaðir (10 km) and Stórutjarnaskóli (13 km). There are many hiking trails near the Systragil Campsite, leading both through the wood and also up to a nearby hill called “Vaðlaheiði”.

Systragil Campsite is perfectly located if you want to experience the natural wonders of North Iceland. Goðafoss (the Waterfall of the heathen Gods of old, 25 km) is nearby, Laufás (an old farmhouse, built in the traditional style of the 18th century, 20 km), town of Akureyri  (16 km) and  Húsavík  (whale watching cruises 65 km) and lake Mývatn (unique birdlife) where Námaskarð, Dimmuborgir (volcanic craters) and Mývatn Nature Baths are (60 – 75 km).

Further information on http://www.nordurland.is and http://www.diamondcircle.is/